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Hello Guest, Our name is Trish & Ron Byrnes and we are the proud owners of Villa Niagara. We live if Carver Mass and are the parents of 3 adult daughters and a brand new grandson. We have been happily married 33 years and are each other’s best friends. We owned a condo in Hudson Florida and had great success renting it with ABNB and VRBO but personally I hated the fact that I had to ask permission for everything and HOA rules began to get out of hand. We sold it in 2020 and then decided that we would love to own a single family further south. We are avid boaters and would have dearly loved to own a house on a salt water canal with gulf access but the budget did not allow for that lol. We looked at a quite a few home some on canals but none were a fit. We felt the canal looked dirty or our view was someone’s backyard and we really wanted privacy. Also the neighborhood was very important to us we wanted somewhere where we would feel safe a place. We understood that whatever home we bought would sometimes empty and we really didn’t want the stress of worrying about suspect neighbors. 166 Norman street was not on our radar at all but from the moment we drove into the neighborhood with our realtor Sheila it felt like home. The house looked tired as we entered but the view WOW I loved it. I could see the potential immediately. I loved that it wasn’t choppy like a lot of Florida houses are, and that it opened to this wonderful Lake Niagara that had a wide open feel. Even though we had neighbors it didn’t feel cramped and the pool was sparkling even If the house was not lol. We made an offer and bought the house and within 30days we were busy bringing the new Villa Niagara to life. Everything is freshly painted and all the furniture linens dishes and pots are new. Everything was handpicked by us and we hope you love and enjoy it as much as we do. Villa Niagara is more than just a short term rental it’s our second home, an escape from those cold New England days a place to enjoy with our family a place to teach my new grandson to swim so please take good care of her for us. We hope you will unwind and enjoy the tranquility of the lake and the amenities of the villa. Please have a wonderful vacation and come and see. us again Warm regards Trish & Ron Byrnes Owners Villa Niagara 508 525 7638 trishbyrnes@hotmail.com

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